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Cales Coves - Necropolis , Burial Caves

Ancient Monuments
Southern Menorca
Cala Coves, Menorca
Burial Caves set in a two beautiful coves

From prehistory until the Roman Era, Calescoves has aroused the interest of Minorcan settlers, making it an archaeological area of enormous value due to the number and importance of its monuments.

There is a Talayotic era necropolis with over ninety burial caves and hypogeums hewn into the cliffs of the cove, a prehistoric jetty, a coastal establishment enclosed by a prehistoric wall, and a sanctuary dating from the Roman era.


To reach the Calescoves necropolis take the Me-12 road from Maó to Cala en Porter. At kilometre 10, turn left along the pathway from Biniedrís to the sea, which leads to the necropolis. Access is pedestrianised.

Road signs to site.

Open to the general public.

To reach the coastal settlement and the well you must go on foot from Calescoves cove or the Cala en Porter development.

It is within the area Me-11 ANEI (Natural Area of Special Interest), stretching from Llucalari Cove to Biniparratx Cove.

Also accessible from Itinerary 17 of the Camí de Cavalls (Cala en Porter - Binissafúller).


1km before area



Southern Menorca Cala Coves, Menorca


Free access throughout the day


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