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Torretrencada - Talayotic settlement

Ancient Monuments
Western Menorca
Ciutadella, Menorca
Talayotic Setlement

The Torretrencada talayotic settlement in the municipality of Ciutadella is particularly well known for its taula, one of the most spectacular on the island. The settlement dates from the Talayotic era and was inhabited until the Middle Ages, as indicated by pottery remains found on the surface.

Apart from the imposing taula, with a pilaster still in evidence at the back, the settlement consists of a talayot, the remains of a perimeter wall, foundations of what may have been houses and several hypogeums.


Access from the Me-1 main Maó to Ciutadella road. On the left, at kilometre 38, is a path that links up with the "Camí Vell de Ciutadella" path. Continue for 1.1 kilometres then going towards Ferreries, continue for approximately 2.1 kilometres until you find the site’s small parking area. From here the monument is another 400 metres on foot.

Road signs to site.

Open to the general public.



Ownership and management:




Western Menorca Ciutadella, Menorca


All year round - Sundays - 9 to 14 h


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